Plant a garden.
Grow a community.

GrowIt!™ lets you Garden Socially, for free. Whether you want to show off your plants, or find something that will work in your garden there's something for every type of gardener.


Our Story

In 2014, two plant nerds set out to change the world of plants. They wanted to show more people the joy of growing. They sought to create a fun and entertaining experience where knowledge could be spread through a social community. In 2015 GrowIt! was launched, and the growing world has never been the same!

App Features

Share Your Plant Photos

Share photos of your favorite/least favorite plants to let others in
your area know what they should be growing...and what to
stay away from!

Explore & Search

See what people are growing around you. Use the Explore and Search features to find plants that other community members have posted that meet your needs.

Get Plant Information

Once you find something you like, click on the information tab to find out what it would take to grow that plant! In-depth information on thousands of plants.

Organize with Projects

Add your favorite plants to specific projects. Organize and edit your projects to create your shopping wish list before heading out to the garden center.

Help Identify Plants

Have a plant in your garden that you want to identify? Upload a picture of it, and have the community around you help you figure out what it is!

Create a Profile with Rewards

Create your profile on GrowIt!
and start showing off your plant knowledge. The more you do with GrowIt!, the more Gro*wards
you'll earn!

Our Community

"GrowIt! is a great app because it connects you to fellow plant lovers. I love how it has created a community of plant enthusiasts who help each other identify plants, offer advice or just appreciate each other's plant pictures."


"Growit! is amazing because it serves as a vast resource for plant care & identification. The opportunity to be a part of a plant growers community that raises awareness for environmental contribution is invaluable."


"GrowIt! from the very beginning has been about building a community to connect plant lovers and plant enthusiasts alike, yet also provides the necessary tools for someone just beginning to explore their passion for plants by providing an environment where that eagerness to learn more can thrive."


"As a Master Gardener of Greater New Orleans, I love sharing my knowledge of the different species that grow here, and learning from the GrowIt! community as well. Together we Grow!"


"GrowIt! inspires me! Allowing me to grow & share my passion for plants with others!"


Our Team

Mason Day


Mason has spent his whole life around plants, growing up on a farm in rural Michigan. He graduated from Cornell University in 2012. Mason handles the marketing and public relations for the app as well as helping to guide the design and feel.

Seth Reed


Seth started in plants when he was 15 by getting a job at a local garden center. He graduated from the University of Illinois. Seth is responsible for managing the team and industry partnerships as well as guiding how the app functions and operates.

Megan Uithoven

Community Manager

Megan speaks for the users at GrowIt!. Megan graduated from Winona State University and has a strong background in community management. As the Community Engagement Manager, she's a moderator, connector, and concierge.

Stefan Rodriguez

Web Developer

Stefan is passionate about using technology to create vibrant communities. He graduated as an engineer from the University of Florida in 2012. Stefan is a Ruby on Rails developer and handles the technical aspects of the app.

Chelsey Groh

Business Development Manager

Chelsey grew up gardening on her family's property in rural Arkansas. She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2013. As the Business Development Manager, Chelsey enjoys creating connections and finding solutions for the GrowIt! community.

We hired Chicago's top app makers to help bring GrowIt! from a seed of an idea to a full-bloomed social platform. The Eight Bit Studios team of designers and developers (turned growers) is dedicated to making GrowIt! easy on the eyes and fingers.

When it comes to getting started in Chicago, there's no better place to be. The workshops and connections within the 1871 Community have helped to forge what GrowIt! has become.



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